New website for birdwatching in Europe


Where to watch birds in Europe? It can be very difficult to get good birding info throughout Europe. The new website helps to solve this problem. On you can find the best birdingspots all over Europe, all in one place. With next to every birdingspot exactly the information you need for some fine hours of birding.

You can share your favourite birding areas easy with other birders. Just click on ‘Add a Birdingplace’, log in and the website will show you the way. In this way birdwatchers throughout Europe help each other finding the best areas to watch birds. is non-commercial and free of use for birders. It’s made by and for birdwatchers and wants to introduce the fun of birdwatching to a wider audience. By doing so we want to raise more support for the protection of birds.

Have a look on, find great birdingspots or add your own favourites.

The map in Austria is still very empty. So help us to fill the map in Austria and let other birders know that Austria is a great place for birdwatching.

PS: When you log in you have the possibility to set your language. All bird names will then appear in your language of choice. You can also rate and comment on birdingplaces. And with the ‘Find a Bird-feature’you can see where to watch that bird that you always wanted to see.

With friendly regards
Chris van der Heijden

Citizen Science

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